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Quantum Theory & Technology Group


Welcome to the Quantum Theory and Technology group website. We are part of the University of Southampton Quantum Light Matter group

The Quantum Theory and Technology group aims to explore the most mysterious corners of the quantum world for fun and profit. Our main expertise is in cavity quantum electrodynamics and semiconductor optics, but we have a broad interest in all areas where quantum mechanics can be exploited to gain a decisive technological edge over their classical counterparts. 

We are also very keen to engage in outreach activities, we consider it shameful that, after one century of successful history, quantum mechanics is still perceived by the general public as a vaguely psychedelic form of magic involving cats.

QTT News
  • January 2017: We were pleased to be invited  speakers at the workshop "Virtual photons in ultra-strongly coupled system" organized by the Condensed Matter Reasearch Group directed by Prof. Franco Nori at the Center for Emergent Matter Science (CEMS), RIKEN (Japan).
  • We have organised a workshop on the physics of the ultrastrong coupling regime.
  • The first trailer of our quantum music composition, Approaching Reality, has been released here.
  • February 2015: We are pleased to announce vacancies for a PhD student and a post-doctoral researcher to join the group, see Join Us for details.
  • February 2015: We were very forunate to have Dr Ahsan Nazir, University of Manchester, visit the group this week and thank him for his fascinating colloquium on 'Probing emitter-cavity dressed states through environmental transitions'.
  • February 2015: The Groups finally has its own website! where we can share our work.